Game Fees Removed From All Competitions

Townsville Touch Football has today announced a historic decision to remove nightly game fees, instead absorbing a reduced amount into the team nomination fee for the upcoming season.

The decision has been made in an effort to streamline the payment process and make it easier for players and teams to participate in the sport.

Under the new fee structure, clubs and teams will pay a single, all-inclusive fee at the time of nomination, rather than paying separate fees for games and team nominations.

The amount absorbed has also been discounted, with an equivilent of 14 weeks of game fees being absorbed into the team nomination fee, rather than the full 20 weeks, which will see players better off under the new fee structure.

Players in TTF's Colliers Shield competition will still continue to pay registration fees to their club, however the overall cost of playing will be cheaper as a result of the game fees now being removed.

TTF believes that this change will not only make it cheaper to play, it will also simplify the process for players and make it more convenient for them to participate in TTF's competitions.

The change also brings TTF's adult competitions into line with its junior competitions, which removed game fees in 2019 after a piloting a scheme during the 2018 season.

The new fee structure has already been well received by players and teams, who are eager to get started with the upcoming season.

TTF Finance Director, Cherrie Pierce, says the decision to remove game fees has been a discussion point with the organisation for several years.

"We have been working on this for a while now, to make sure that we get it right and don't increase the overall costs involved with playing our sport."

"Touch football has always the cheapest structured team sport in Townsville, so our goal was to make sure any changes we made to our fee structure didn't create an increase."

Pierce also said a main driver behind the decision was the current move to cashless payments.

"We've offered tap and pay for game fees for a few years now and its by far the most popular option. People just don't carry as much cash with them as they used to, so we need to move with the times to make it easier for everyone to play."

TTF's President, Glen Wilson, re-iterated that the experience the sport's participants was paramount to the decision.

"We are always looking for ways to make the experience of playing touch football in Townsville as positive as possible."

"By absorbing game fees into the team nomination fee, we hope that it will be easier for players to participate in our competitions and help grow the sport in our community."

Wilson also had a suggestion for those who still found themselves with cash to spend.

"Spend it at our canteen, because the more we support our bar and canteen, the less we need to increase fees to cover facilities and maintenance."

The upcoming season is shaping up to be a exciting one, with many talented players and teams expected to participate.

TTF is looking forward to seeing everyone out on the field, and is confident that the new fee structure will help make the experience of playing touch football in Townsville even better.